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1.8 (‘D’)

shakuhachi (jiari)
year made: 2020
bamboo: japanese madake
weight: ca. 400g
diameter (at middle): ca. 35 – 37.2mm
length: 548mm
utaguchi: acrylic insert with silver inlay
inside: black urushi lacquer
key: D (A @ 440Hz)

A rare beast – a jiari shakuhachi made without any middle joint. The bamboo piece was very near jiari bore measurements hence only minimal of ‘ji’ was used inside the bore to obtain the volume, response  and tuning of a jiari shakuhachi. This shakuhachi can take a lot of air and played with volume and quietly alike. The thick-ish, slighly oval piece of madake bamboo allows also a comfortable finger placement and has  a very distinct look and root end. It can be used for various styles and genres (e.g. honkyoku, sankyoku, min’yō).

It comes with a protective utaguchi cap and a carrying bag. (see pictures)

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Listen to this shakuhachi. Sound samples performed by Emmanuelle Rouaud.