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OCTOBER 2021 Quick update of new shakuhachi shaping up in the workshop:
There are four 1.8s in the works with one in the final lacquering stage. Also a 2.4 just got it holes and first testing is very promising indeed. Then there is a 2.3 and another 2.4 as well a 1.9 in different stages of making. Some of those should be available some time in November!

OCTOBER 2021 Jiari making demonstration 16 October 2021, 16h30 at the
Salle Boris Vian, Conservatoire de Musique,
49 rue de la Division Leclerc, 91160 Saulx-les-Chartreux
See more info on events page here

MAY 2021 New jiari shakuhachi are now available – 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 2.3 see the jiari page for details and audio samples

PVC shakuhachi 1.5 and 7-hole 1.8 and 2.0 are now available too – see the PVC shakuhachi section

APRIL 2021 As part of the Teruo Furuya Online Workshop we will present a major honkyoku recital by Teruo Furuya. Yamagoe, Reibo, San’an, Nanadan Tsuru No Sugomori and other core pieces of the Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshūkan repertoire are presented. Shakuhachi used range from 1.8 – 3.1 length. This concert was recorded in Tokyo in 2017 and will be shown via ZOOM.

MARCH 2021 We are very excited to announce an online workshop with Teruo Furuya for April2021!! This is an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the leading players active today.
Teruo Furuya, director and principle instructor of the Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshūkan (KSK), will present honkyoku as transmitted through KSK, modern composition by Fukuda Rando and sessions on technique. Detailes & dates on the events page.

FEBRUARY 2021 New 1.8 bamboo shakuhachi are in the making and should be available sometime in March/April!

JANUARY 2021 A quick update – from today the prices will be displayed in € (EURO) instead of £ (GB Pound). We will continue to ship from France where my shakuhachi making workshop is located. Also it is still possible to try out flutes either in Paris or London, but due to ongoing travel restrictions please contact me well in advance to arrange.

JANUARY 2021 Happy New Year to everyone!

NOVEMBER 2020 Three new 1.8 jiari shakuhachi available now. See jiari page here

NOVEMBER 2020 New 5-flute PVC shakuhachi “minyō” set now available.
Also 1.8 PVC shakuhachi in all colours back in stock. See Shop > pvc shakuhachi

OCTOBER 2020 red  1.8 PVC shakuhachi back in stock. See Shop > pvc shakuhachi
New 1.8 jiari shakuhachi coming soon too.

SEPTEMBER 2020 green  1.8 PVC shakuhachi back in stock. See Shop > pvc shakuhachi

JULY 2020 New jiari shakuhachi available now – 1.8 & 2.1
Three new shakuhachi were just finished recently and are now available. There are two 1.8
, one weighing 350g and the other around 420g. The 2.1 shakuhachi is about 410g. There are jiari shakuhachi made from japanese madake bamboo and all are suitable to play a variety of styles or genres including the traditional honkyoku music, and of course the longer 2.1, with its lower key, is in particular suited for honkyoku. You can see more images and listen to audio samples here: jiari shakuhachi

MAY 2020 2.1 PVC shakuhachi now available!
These are in ‘B’ and that lower pitch makes them ideal to try out some honkyoku music too. See Shop > pvc shakuhachi

MAY 2020 is now on facebook too.
Follow us at shakuhachi-atelier FB and see the latest updates and much more. See you there!

MAY 2020 red   & yellow  – 1.8 PVC shakuhachi back in stock.
See Shop > pvc shakuhachi

APRIL 2020 1.8 PVC shakuhachi sound sample online now.
Gekko Roteki played on 1.8 PVC shakuhachi by Emmanuelle Rouaud.

APRIL 2020 blue   & green  – 1.8 PVC shakuhachi back in stock. See Shop > pvc shakuhachi

MARCH 2020Teruo FURUYA performing with a shakuhachi made by Shakuhachi Atelier!
I was very happy when Furuya sensei asked me to use one of the shakuhachi I made for his European premiere of Shofugin at his recent concert in Paris. The piece, composed by Keisuke Doi, is for 2.0 shakuhachi and voice. A short extract of Furuya’s performance you can see below:

JANUARY 2020Teruo FURUYA & Mizuka ONISHI Masterclass Paris 2020.
Just finished the flyer for this years’ Masterclass! This year we are back at the Academy of Music and Theater Saint-Maurice/Paris. Of course there will be again an opportunity to test and purchase shakuhachi from Shakuhachi Atelier at the event. Hope to meet you there, meanwhile read all the details on the event page here.

JANUARY 2020Happy New Year to everyone! We at Shakuhachi Atelier wish you much success with all your plans and projects in 2020.

DECEMBER 2019 – As part of the “Découverte de la musique japonaise” weekend of Emmanuelle Rouaud and Naoko Kikuchi in Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France, I was presenting my PVC shakuhachi at the Franco-Japanese Cultural Institute, Salle Jacques Brel as well as the Canal Mediatheque in Montigny. Some impression on the event page here.

DECEMBER 2019New 2.0 shakuhachi now in stock! A fine player with darkish tone colour and easy accessible meri notes, made from Japanese bamboo. See more details at shop page jiari-shakuhachi

DECEMBER 2019Introductory free skype session! has teamed up with professional flutist and shakuhachi performer Emmanuelle Rouaud ( and is happy to announce that we can offer now a free skype session to help you get started with your new instrument purchased at (either bamboo or PVC). The session will cover basic fingering positions, posture and sound production as well as the basic handling and maintenance of your (bamboo) shakuhachi. The session will last approx. 30 minutes and can be conducted either in English, French or German. Further lessons can be arranged with Emmanuelle (€ 35 / 45 minutes), if you wish to continue studying shakuhachi via skype. Just drop us an email to arrange your free session.

NOVEMBER 2019 – We just launched the CD & Notation page in our shakuhachi shop. We are aiming to offer a selection of shakuhachi music, ranging from traditional to contemporary on CD, which are not at all or not widely available otherwise. There is also a selection of sankyoku sheet notation as published by the Chikuyusha school in Japan. Have a browse. More CDs and notation added in due time.
See shop page > shakuhachi cd & notation

SEPTEMBER 2019New 1.8 now in stock! One new beautiful shakuhachi is available in the shop now.
See shop pages > jiari shakuhachi

SEPTEMBER 2019 – Just returned from Japan. It was a very interesting and informative time to study there with the master shakuhachi maker Miura Ryuho and to delve deeper into jiari making processes. Looking forward to put it all into practice in my shakuhachi making workshop!
While in Japan I also attended the Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshūkan (KSK) Festival in Bisei celebrating 30 years since Yokoyama Katsuya founded the Kenshūkan. Some pics in the gallery page and you can read my report of the event on the blog page here.

JULY 2019New 1.8 now in stock! Three new beautiful shakuhachi were just finished and are available in the shop now. See shop pages > jiari shakuhachi

JUNE 2019 – Choose your colour! PVC shakuhachi now available! See Shop > pvc shakuhachi

MAY 2019 – Bryan Fleming posted a nice video of him playing the flute he bought from shakuhachi-atelier at the WSF2018 in London. Thanks! Sounds great! 😉 The Parting Glass Shakuhachi Cover



Welcome to website! Handmade with traditional methods from japanese bamboo (madake) we offer quality shakuhachi flutes made in Europe and aim to offer affordable shakuhachi for the ever increasing community of European players and beyond.

If you are interested in acquiring a shakuhachi please check out our available instruments here. Availability changes regularly as new instruments are arriving from my making workshop.

If you are not sure if you ready for the world of bamboo shakuhachi I also craft a variety of PVC shakuhachi which offers a great way of making the first steps.



The shakuhachi is a vertical, end-blown Japanese bamboo flute, tuned to a pentatonic scale. It is made from thick-walled madake bamboo and has four holes on the front and one at the back making a pentatonic scale but through the meri/kari system of partial hole closing, up and down head movements and subtle changes in embouchure, a 12-tone chromatic scale up to three octaves can be produced.

Its diverse and long history ranges from being used as a meditative tool by Zen Buddhist priests, an instrument for folk music and traditional ensemble music, as well as an instrument valued within the contemporary musical context and among avant-garde composers due to its ability to express subtle change in tone colours, pitch and dynamics.

You can read more about the shakuhachi history and construction here.



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