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SEPTEMBER 2019 – New 1.8 now in stock! One new beautiful shakuhachi is available in the shop now.
See shop pages > jiari shakuhachi

SEPTEMBER 2019 – Just returned from Japan. It was a very interesting and informative time to study there with the master shakuhachi maker Miura Ryuho and to delve deeper into jiari making processes. Looking forward to put it all into practice in my shakuhachi making workshop!
Also took part in the Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshūkan (KSK) Festival in Bisei celebrating 30 years since Yokoyama Katsuya founded the Kenshūkan. Some pics in the gallery page.

JULY 2019 – New 1.8 now in stock! Three new beautiful shakuhachi were just finished and are available in the shop now. See shop pages > jiari shakuhachi

JUNE 2019 – Choose your colour! PVC shakuhachi now available! See Shop > pvc shakuhachi

MAY 2019 – Bryan Fleming posted a nice video of him playing the flute he bought from shakuhachi-atelier at the WSF2018 in London. Thanks! Sounds great! 😉 The Parting Glass Shakuhachi Cover



Welcome to website! Handmade with traditional methods from japanese bamboo (madake) we offer quality shakuhachi flutes made in Europe and aim to offer affordable shakuhachi for the ever increasing community of European players and beyond.

If you are interested in acquiring a shakuhachi please check out our available instruments here. Availability changes regularly as new instruments are arriving from my making workshop.

If you are not sure if you ready for the world of bamboo shakuhachi I also craft a variety of PVC shakuhachi which offers a great way of making the first steps.



The shakuhachi is a vertical, end-blown Japanese bamboo flute, tuned to a pentatonic scale. It is made from thick-walled madake bamboo and has four holes on the front and one at the back making a pentatonic scale but through the meri/kari system of partial hole closing, up and down head movements and subtle changes in embouchure, a 12-tone chromatic scale up to three octaves can be produced.

Its diverse and long history ranges from being used as a meditative tool by Zen Buddhist priests, an instrument for folk music and traditional ensemble music, as well as an instrument valued within the contemporary musical context and among avant-garde composers due to its ability to express subtle change in tone colours, pitch and dynamics.

You can read more about the shakuhachi history and construction here.



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