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2.1 (‘B’)

shakuhachi (jiari) with middle joint
year made: 2020
bamboo: japanese madake
weight: ca. 420g
diameter (at joint): ca. 35,5mm
length: 656mm
utaguchi: acrylic insert with silver inlay
inside: black urushi lacquer
key: B (A @ 440Hz)

Easy player with that overtone rich feel to the sound – broad but still compact and focused – which makes it particular suitable for honkyoku music I think. A light to medium weight of ca. 420 g,  beautiful piece of madake bamboo, round-ish but slightly oval for comfortable finger placement. Middle joint has traditional metal rings with decorative rattan bindings.
This shakuhachi has excellent tuning and is evenly balanced throughout the scale, it also would make a fine instrument for improvisation or contemporary music.  It comes with a protective utaguchi cap and a carrying bag. (see pictures)

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Listen to this shakuhachi. Sound samples performed by Emmanuelle Rouaud.