shakuhachi 1.8 *SOLD*


1.8 (‘D’) *SOLD*

shakuhachi (jiari)
year made: 2021
bamboo: japanese madake
weight: ca. 340 g
diameter (near top): ca. 32.5-34.5 mm
length: 546 mm
utaguchi: acrylic insert with silver inlay
inside: black urushi lacquer
key: D (A @ 440Hz)

A jiari shakuhachi made with middle joint. This shakuhachi has clear, darkish tone. It plays very easily through the octaves. Joint with traditional metal rings and decorative rattan binding. Medium weight bamboo with interesting pattern. This shakuhachi can be used for various styles and genres (e.g. honkyoku, sankyoku, min’yō). The flute is made from two different madake bamboo pieces, resulting in slight colour differences hence I offer it with a lower price.

The shakuhachi comes with a protective utaguchi cap and a carrying bag. (see pictures)

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Listen to this shakuhachi. Sound samples performed by Emmanuelle Rouaud.