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1.8 (‘D’)

shakuhachi (jiari) with middle joint
year made: 2020
bamboo: japanese madake
weight: ca. 420g
diameter (at joint): ca. 34,5-35,5mm
length: 548mm
utaguchi: acrylic insert with silver inlay
inside: black urushi lacquer
key: D (A @ 440Hz)

A thick-ish, round piece of madake bamboo with root end. Joint with traditional metal rings and decorative rattan binding. I has a clear, strong tone with a quick response and easy volume. It has an easy accessible kan register too. This shakuhachi can be used for various styles and genres (e.g. honkyoku, sankyoku, min’yō).

It comes with a protective utaguchi cap and a carrying bag. (see pictures)

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Listen to this shakuhachi. Sound samples performed by Emmanuelle Rouaud.