PVC Min’yō Set


PVC Min’yō Set – 5 shakuhachi

1 x PVC shakuhachi 1.6 “E” (purple)
1 x PVC shakuhachi 1.7  “E#” (orange)
1 x PVC shakuhachi 1.8 “D” (green)
1 x PVC shakuhachi 1.9  “C#” (ivory)
1 x PVC shakuhachi 2.0 “C” (brown)
1 x shakuhachi bag brown
1 x cleaning cloth (tsuyutoshi) with string & wooden weight.
(size ca. 45 x 42 cm, cotton)

This set consists out of 5 PVC shakuhachi ranging from 1.6 (key of E) to 2.0 (key of C). The variety of lengths/keys are particular useful when performing min’yō (Japanese folk music), as it makes it possible to adapt to the singer’s voice easily. But of course even when not playing min’yō it is a useful set to explore different lengths of shakuhachi.

And as the five flutes come in a handy bag, they are ideal for traveling too, in particular when you don’t want to take your precious bamboo shakuhachi into challenging climates or situations. The sturdy plastic is tolerant against cold, rain and sun. Utaguchi/mouthpiece top features comfortable chin rest as it is fairly close to the traditional shakuhachi measurements.

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Audio samples – 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 & 2.0 PVC shakuhachi