2.1 PVC Starter Set


2.1 (‘B’) PVC Starter Set

1 x PVC shakuhachi 2.1 (black)
1 x shakuhachi bag brown with matching string
1 x cleaning cloth (tsuyutoshi) with string & wooden weight.
(size ca. 45 x 42 cm, cotton)

Great for starting out or traveling and when you don’t want to take your precious bamboo shakuhachi into challenging climates or situations. The 2.1 is in “B”, so three half-steps lower than the standard 1.8, and more suitable to get that “honkyoku feel” due to the lower pitch. The sturdy plastic is tolerant against cold, rain and sun. Utaguchi/mouthpiece top features comfortable chin rest as it is fairly close to the traditional shakuhachi measurements.

If you interested to purchase larger quantities (5+), e.g. for workshops, taster or meditation classes, feel free to contact us to discuss possible discounts.

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