Teruo Furuya – Honkyoku II


Teruo Furuya – Honkyoku II / Sanan

Teruo Furuya, director and principle instructor of the Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshūkan (KSK) in Japan, second volume of his three CD spanning project to record the complete KSK honkyoku repertoire on a standard length 1.8 shakuhachi.

Furuya’s tone and sound colour is always searching for new nuances and possibilities by relentlessly exploring the shakuhachi’s dynamic and sonic spektrum in these interpretation of the classical or koten honkyoku repertoire as transmitted through the Kenshūkan/Watazumido-Yokoyama lineage. A truly masterful rendition encapsulating the spiritual dimension of shakuhachi honkyoku performed by one of the most accomplished shakuhachi player around. Being recorded on a standard length shakuhachi  (1.8) makes it also an indepensable and extremely useful reference tool for studying shakuhachi honkyoku.

Over the years Furuya introduced additional pieces to the existing canon of the Kenshūkan’s honkyoku repertoire and this CD contains his interpretation of the classical honkyoku piece Tori, Kadozuke, Hachigaeshi. CD new/sealed and liner notes in Japanese.

Artist: Teruo Furuya
Year of first release: 2015

  1.  Koku – 9:56
  2.  Tori, Kadozuke, Hachigaeshi – 9:04
  3.  Tamuke – 4:15
  4.  Daha – 4:26
  5.  Shikanotone – 7:22
  6. Kumoijishi – 3:49
  7. Sanya (Mountain Valley) – 10:02
  8. Kodensugomori – 4:28
  9. Sanan– 6:16

Teruo Furuya website (english): here

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Teruo Furuya – Honkyoku II : Listen to some short extracts of Koku, Daha, Kumoijishi and Sanan.