shakuhachi 2.1 *SOLD*


2.1 (‘B’) *SOLD*

shakuhachi (jiari)
year made: 2022
bamboo: japanese madake
weight: 405 g
diameter (near top):  ca. 34.5-35 mm
length: 656 mm
utaguchi: acylic insert with silver lining
inside: black urushi lacquer
key: B (A @ 440Hz)

Shakuhachi in length of 2.1 are great middle ground between the shorter (1.8 standard flutes) and the longer maybe more difficult to handle flutes beyond 2.3 length (ca 70 cm) as the deeper sound of a 2.1 makes it attractive for e.g. honkyoku music,  but the still easy finger stretch makes it also attractive for comfortable faster play i.e. modern music or improvisation. This 2.1 in ‘B’ (or ‘H’) has great response and balance throughout the octaves. and a full booming ‘ro’ without losing its tonal colours in the higher octaves. The kan register is easy to access and the playable dai-kan range was tested up to tsu meri in the 4. octave.

Visually the shakuhachi has an attractive spotted bamboo pattern, metal rings and rattan bindings adding to this shakuhachi stylish look.  There is small shallow dent in the bamboo just above the back thumb hole (see photo), a relict from the straightening of the bamboo culm.

The shakuhachi can be used for various styles and genres,  particular suitable for honkyoku music as , but equally at home in modern or contemporary music.

The shakuhachi comes with a protective utaguchi cap and a carrying bag. (see pictures)

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Listen to this shakuhachi. Sound samples performed by Emmanuelle Rouaud.