Futae no Rasen-chou (ふたえの螺旋調)


Futae no Rasen-chou / ふたえの螺旋調

Futae no Rasen-chou is a piece for flute and shakuhachi. The music score includes three separate parts: shakuhachi part, flute part and a combined version. Composer: Keisuke Doi

Futae no Rasen-chou was commissioned by Tomoko Nozaka.
First performed by Teruo Furuya & Tomoko Nozaka at Teruo Furuya Shakuhachi Recital at Lutheran Ichigaya Center Hall, Tokyo, Japan on October 2, 2013.
This edition is published by shakuhachi-atelier.com, 2020
© Keisuke Doi

A recording of Futae no Rasen-chou is available on the CD
Modan – Teruo Furuya meets Keisuke Doi

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